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European Parliament Ambassador School



This space was created within the scope of the pedagogical project European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) and aims to be a virtual space where you can find publications, curiosities, news and diverse and up-to-date information about the European space, as well as the dissemination of local, national or international activities that may interest you.

Guiding Documents for the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme

Teacher’s Book (pdf) –

Student Book (pdf) – 

EPAS activities developed by ECP – “Activities” tab

Activities related to the EPAS project, at national and European level –


The European Parliament has prepared a page with varied information about Covid-19 to help you understand Europe’s action. Check it out here:

Keep up to date on Brexit:

Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU/2021:

About Europe’s future:

Portugal and EU

Portugal joined the European Union in 1986 and since then has been a member of its institutions, which are present in our country and our daily lives. Here are some resources to learn more about this.

Meet the deputies representing Portugal in the European Parliament:

Discover what Europe does for you on this platform created by the EU to communicate information to its citizens:

Get the mobile app where you can find information about what the European Union has done and plans to do in the coming years:

Get to know the European Elections process:

Keep up to date on the European Parliament’s activity at:

Familiarize yourself with the action of the EU representation in Portugal (bodies based in Lisbon):

– European Commission representation in Portugal:

– European Parliament Office in Portugal (EPAS promoting organization):

– Jacques Delors European Center:

Find out about European affairs and get materials from Europe Direct Porto:

YOUR Europe - opportunities for young people

Did you know that schools across Europe can participate in an annual competition and visit the European Parliament? Discover Euroschool at:

Explore all the potential of the Erasmus+ Program, which has already counted more than 750 thousand participants (according to 2017 data) who had the opportunity to study, intern or volunteer abroad with EU financial support! Do you want to be next? Contact the International Relations Office, which is available to help you participate in one of these experiences:

– Studies and international internships at ECP
At our school, more than 50 students and teachers have thus far participated in Erasmus + activities, and, as soon as Covid-19 allows, many more will have the opportunity to do so under our “Be My Guest” and “Empowerment in Action” projects. To join, all you’ll have to do is apply! Opportunities will be announced in all classrooms, on the information panel and the school TV, stay tuned!
Discover the school’s projects at:

– European youth exchanges

These exchanges take place outside the school realm and are organized by youth associations with whom we can put you in touch. As part of an exchange, young people from different countries have the opportunity to get to know each other, live together for between 5 and 21 days and participate in: cultural visits, seminars, exercises, debates, simulation tests, outdoor activities and much more. Experience is recognized by a Youthpass certificate. Find out more at:

–  European Solidarity Corps (ESC)
ESC is a program that allows young Europeans to experience volunteering, internships and long or short-term jobs in another European country, free of charge and with financial support. An excellent opportunity to take a Gap Year or have a first experience in the professional world.
Official website:

«Move2Learn, Learn2Move»
The European Commission has presented an initiative under the Erasmus+ programme, called ‘Move2Learn, Learn2Move’, which increases support for learning and mobility to young Europeans. This initiative will allow at least 5,000 young citizens to travel sustainably to another EU country – individually or together with their school class.
More information:—learn2move-etwii.htm

DiscoverEU is an initiative that offers young people who turn 18 in the year of the call the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, receiving a free Interrail pass. There are two application phases per year and the European Union grants travel passes to selected young people.
However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the initiative was postponed and there is still no new call date. Keep up to date at:

Eurodesk is a European information network with services in 31 countries and constitutes a point of access to information on European opportunities for young people and youth workers. It counts with organizations that work in the youth field, selected by the politicians in each country, and that you can reach out to (such as Associação Spin, in Lisbon, and Associação Juvenil Geoclube, in Gondomar, among others).
Get to know Eurodesk and the wide variety of opportunities it can offer here:

Internship and work in the EU
Would you like to do an international internship at the European Parliament? Get information at:

Is your goal to work in the EU? Then check the official EPSO European Careers website:

Ask the EU Careers ambassadors in Portugal for clarification:

Young people and Europe: what Europe does for you
Do you want to know more about the various European opportunities for youth? Read this article especially created for the ECP Infopoint by the academic organizations GUDO and NERI-UP from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto.

Teaching materials

Folder containing various types of teaching materials:

Brexit Quiz:

“Discovering Europe”: Games and quizzes for the youngest –

Discover the European Union:



ECP implements and participates in several local, national and international school projects, which ultimately are all intended to aid its students in becoming integral and active citizens. In a clear commitment to this stance, we joined the European Parliament Ambassador School [EPAS] Pedagogical Project.

This is a pedagogical program developed in the 27 Member States of the European Union that involves continuous work, by teachers and students in the role of senior and junior ambassadors, entailing a set of activities with the following objectives:

- disseminate knowledge about the European Union and European parliamentary democracy among young people, especially among pupils attending regular secondary education and vocational education;

- raise awareness among young people about the possibilities offered by their European citizenship, as well as the role that the European Parliament plays in the European decision-making process and therefore in our daily lives.

In each participating school, the EPAS program is led by Senior Ambassadors [teachers] who, together with the Junior Ambassadors [students], will decide on the most appropriate and attractive action plan, bearing in mind the aforementioned objectives.

Currently, our Junior Ambassadors are the Marketing Course 11th year class, and the Senior Ambassadors are Joana Freitas and Dora Rodrigues, from the Department of International Relations. They rely also on the active participation of all teachers assigned to that class, making this a truly cooperative and multidisciplinary project.

In the 2019/2020 school year, the work developed by the Junior Ambassadors from the Tourism Operations Course – 10th and 11th year – and Senior Ambassadors, Joana Freitas, Diana Monteiro and Fernanda Pinto, Ana Azevedo, Hugo Malta, Dora Rodrigues and Alexandra Tinoco, obtained official recognition from the European Parliament Portuguese Office, that awarded ECP the board of distinguished schools across Europe, certifying our integration into the network, and also an invitation to be one of the 5 Portuguese schools participating in the Euroschool 2021 session.

More information is available at:

EPAS official page:

Facebook page:



Activities programmed within the scope of the Pedagogical Project European Parliament Ambassador School (EPAS) in the school year of 2019/2020 (link here)

To learn about all the activities carried out by Junior and Senior Ambassadors and the rest of the educational community within the scope of EPAS, see the Activities Report (link here)

In 2020/2021, a comprehensive set of activities was planned throughout the school year. The Junior Ambassadors activity began with a debate with MEP Marisa Matias. Moreover, with the support of Senior Ambassadors and teachers, in January of 2021, they carried out a campaign for Human Rights defence as part of the Amnesty International Letters Marathon. And in the same month, 4 Ambassadors represented ECP at the Porto City Council´s #YouthUPPorto Youth Dialogue, directly contributing to the future youth policies of their city.

In the second and third periods, the EPAS project continued to move in a multidisciplinary way, involving several teachers, seeking both curricular integration and diversification of activities, with integrative proposals and participation by our Junior Ambassadors! Including, of course, the celebration of Europe Day. Follow everything in our news!


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