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Be my guest ECP


KA1 – Be My Guest

“Be My Guest” is ECP's Erasmus+ KA1 project, through which students, teachers and staff can go on mobility activities to other schools across Europe for study, internship and training purposes.

The project “Be my Guest – training abroad” took place during the school year of 2018/2019, having had 24 student mobilities, 12 for internships lasting two months in the Czech Republic and Slovenia, and 12 for two weeks to carry out exchange programs with VET institutions in Spain and Denmark. There were also, under this program, 10 teachers and staff mobilities to the four abovementioned countries.

The first ECP Erasmus project, “Be My Guest – training abroad”, was concluded with the submission of the final report in January 2020, obtaining 92 out of 100 points, distinguished, in 2020, with the Best Practice Award, by the National Agency, the highest distinction awarded to this type of projects.

Its successor, the KA1 project “Be My Guest 2.0”, approved with full submission in June of 2019, began in the 2019/2020 school year with 12 student and 6 teacher mobilities in the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands, and there are still 24 mobilities for students and 10 for staff/teachers in Denmark, Spain, Malta, Hungary and Italy pending execution due to the situation with Covid-19.

For the 2020/2021 school year, the continuity of the project was guaranteed by the grant approval for yet another KA1 project “Be My Guest 3.0.”, which has 45 mobilities for students and Internationalization Strategy for 28 teachers in Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia and Germany, including, for the first time, ErasmusPro mobilities.

Within the scope of these projects, several actions take place, such as the selection of a student and a graduate student from ECP to represent Portugal in the EuroApprentices initiative, a European network of VET students who have completed Erasmus; our participation in training actions for the MTool+ and OLS tools; the 2019 General Monitoring Meeting and the National Agency's Application Support Session; the celebration of #Erasmusdays with two “Erasmus in Schools” sessions counting with the presence of young people from Croatia, Spain and Poland who are studying in our country and Portuguese volunteers in an organization dedicated to supporting international students (Erasmus Student Network Porto; as well as mobility dissemination sessions.

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Our first Erasmus+ KA2 cooperation project “Entrepreneurship in Action” started in 2019/2020, with a duration of two years. It’s coordinated by a professional school in North Macedonia, but also includes partners in Lithuania, Turkey and Romania.

The main objective of this partnership is to develop the skills and employability of young people and it includes mobilities in each one of the countries: 2 transnational meetings with project coordinators and 3 Learning/teaching/training – LTT activities with vacancies for 5 students and 2 teachers at a time.

The target groups and stakeholders of this project are the students and teachers who participate directly in the project; the other students and teachers of the partner schools; businesses and local communities, such as employment centres, chambers of commerce, companies; other schools as local stakeholders; universities; families; and students and teachers from other schools in Europe.

The project's Mission is:

a) Allow students to acquire professional and personal skills that encourage them to participate effectively and constructively in the workplace and the society, locally, nationally and internationally.

b) Strengthen the teachers ability to teach skills, using and adapting methods and tools to facilitate students' access to the labour market and improve the adaptation to future evolutions of the labour market.

In March of 2020, the first transnational meeting was held in Prilep - North Macedonia, which included the two representatives of the Department of International Relations.
The remaining mobilities were suspended indefinitely, so a project extension was granted, which provides for its execution until the end of 2022.



In a continuous work for inclusion and participation growth, we have developed a set of internationalization activities at home, including the reception of students and teachers - called incoming mobilities - from our partner organizations under their Erasmus KA1 programs or bilateral partnerships.

This type of activity started in 2016/2017, within the scope of a partnership developed with the Tradium school, from Denmark, which resulted in a Joint Project, that lasted two weeks, at ECP.

Since then, annually, we have been receiving about 15 students from Denmark, accompanied by 2 teachers, to participate in a program of activities with Portuguese students and teachers, consisting of analysing Danish companies with a presence in Portugal; including, in addition to work sessions, informal moments to contact with the Portuguese reality, such as visits to companies and factories, cultural visits, a welcome lunch (organized by our CEF Restaurant/Bar group), socializing activities and tourist routes around Porto. In previous editions, the Royal Danish Consulate in Porto sent good wishes for the project.

In 2018/2019, we started a partnership with the Dutch Graafschap College to also carry out short-term academic and cultural exchanges, and in 2019/2020 we welcomed this school to carry out a Joint Project with 11 students and 2 teachers from the Netherlands.

We also host, regularly, teachers from other schools who visit us to learn about our good practices and our city!

Within the scope of KA1 applications from partner institutions, in a logic of cooperation and retribution, ECP also is available to host and coordinate students who wish to do internships in our city, as well as organize jobshadowing activities for teachers and staff of partner schools. We expect, when safe in the context of Covid-19, to continue these projects and welcome in ECP students and colleagues from various countries!

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